Scholarship Criteria and Other Conditions

TAWSF awards scholarships to female university students who believe in the reforms of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who value liberal education, and who hold a philosophy in favor of investing in women’s education.

TAWSF scholarships are awarded to female undergraduate students only. It is acceptable for the student also to be the recipient of student loans or other scholarships. TAWSF scholarships provide $900 per academic year; funds are sent once a year in September, via money transfer to the student’s bank account.

A. Criteria for applying for a TAWSF Scholarship:

  1. The candidate must be enrolled in a university program in Turkey.
  2. The candidate must be in her second (or higher) year in a university program in Turkey.
  3. The candidate must have a GPA of 3.00/4, or a score of 80/100, and must submit official transcripts for the previous year in the university program.
  4. The candidate must write a letter describing her need for the scholarship. The letter must include the student’s and the family’s total income.

B. Documents to be submitted to the TAWSF Chair of Student Affairs as email attachments:

  1. Completed TAWSF application form
  2. Official transcripts for the previous year
  3. Letters of reference from at least two professors from classes in which the student is or has been enrolled
  4. Two photos of the student
  5. A letter explaining the reason for applying for the scholarship

C. Criteria for continuation of the TAWSF scholarship:

  1. Submission of transcripts at the end of each academic year to the Student Affairs Chair via an email attachment.
    1. Failure to submit transcripts results in the termination of the scholarship.
    2. If the GPA is “B”, or above, the scholarship is renewed each year until graduation.
    3. If the GPA is below a “B” average but this is limited to one semester, the scholarship is withheld for that semester. It is resumed upon achieving a “B” average.
    4. If a GPA below a “B” average occurs in two consecutive semesters, the scholarship is terminated.
  2. Students must notify the Student Affairs Chair, via email, upon receiving the transferred money. Failure to do so may result in termination of the scholarship.
January 22, 2017

Turkish Film Festival Funds Scholarships

John Yackley, Chair of the Turkish Film Festival, presented TAWSF president Dr. Ayhan Lash with a check that will provide a three-year scholarship for at least one Turkish university student. The film festival committee included John Yackley, Nilay Duygulu, Dr. Esra Tasdelen, and Yesim Ilkin. Our thanks to these faithful supporters. TAWSF is grateful for all tax-deductible contributions.


A tribute: Özgecan Aslan

by Zeynep Karataş


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