TAWSF is dedicated to promoting the education of women by providing college scholarships to financially disadvantaged but academically promising female students attending universities in Turkey.

TAWSF seeks female university students who maintain at least a B average and who need financial support during their college careers.  Each awardee receives $900 per year for up to three years to offset the increasing cost of higher education.

A student can apply for a scholarship during her first year of college by doing all of the following:

  • Writing a letter explaining the need for financial assistance,
  • Submitting a transcript with grades from the first year of college, and
  • Submitting letters of recommendation from faculty members.


We ask for the support of our donors so more young Turkish women will be able to further their education.  Please support TAWSF and its goal of educating women by selecting DONATE near the top of your screen, and by attending our fundraising events.

Our organization is run entirely by volunteers.  All but a small fraction of your donation will go to our students.


“The supreme guide in life is knowledge.”

— Atatürk